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Full Version: CSVfile for Real Book Vol 2, 2nd ed
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I'm looking for a CSV for the jazz Real Book Vol 2, 2nd edition -- this is the Hal Leonard standard one used by many players, with the pink cover. Not the one with "All New" on the cover; that's got slightly different tunes (though there's a lot of overlap). Anyone have this?
You might try the attached file.
- It was created by exporting the bookmarks of a Bb version of the book
I don't know if that contains the same songs on the same pages.
- The bookmarks are incomplete (some songs missing)
So you'll have to check all entries for songs that seem to have more than one page.
I hope it helps anyway - probably at least better than having to type everything manually.
Please don't forget to share a corrected version
btw: to convert the bookmarks to a CSV file I used from Sciurius' fabulous MSPro Tools
I used the above file as a starting place and made a corrected version. Hopefully this is useful to anyone else who stumbles across this thread.