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Full Version: CSVFile for "Jims Guitar Songbook" & "Jims Ukulele Songbook"
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James 'Jim' Carey maintains a huge collection of songs in lyrics & chords layout at
Here are CSV files for the September 2022 versions of "Jims Guitar Songbook" and "Jims Ukulele Songbook"
Titles and pages are identical, the only difference is the album name.
Single songs can be downloaded in ChordPro format from Jim's homepage or easily be converted from the PDF.
Hi - would someone know where to download the Sept 22 versions of Jims Uke books? The new version has songs added and I presume thta makes the index csv file invalid.
The existing CSV might be a good start. How about adding the new songs and share an update?
Hello itsme,

there seems to be a problem with leading characters in the song titles in the CSV-file. I just wanted to tell you about it - the feed where I talked to Mike about it is here:

I'll see if I can find some time to help with bringing the CSV-file to the newest version, but it seems to be a lot of work... if someone knows a way of extracting the informations from the newest toc that would make it a lot easier...

Anyway, I thought I'd contact you this way as the initial author of the file.

Did you open the CSV with excel or import the CSV into excel?
Opening the CSV in notepad or some other text editor the data looks great.
The data looks great if properly imported into excel, too. (Create a new spreadsheet in Excel. then go to 'Data' on the Ribbon. In the 'Get & Transform Data' click 'From Text/CSV'. In the dialog the pops up, select the file, click 'Import', check the preview and click 'Load'.)

Opening the CSV in excel results in the screenshot attached.
Look at the characters before each of those song titles in your screenshot, like before (Sittin' on the) Dock of the Bay. It looks kind of like i>>?.  That is the zero width space being converted into gibberish. I've attached a screenshot of Notepad++ which is showing those characters at the start of each line.

Here is an updated CSV of the guitar and uke songbooks. The new songs should be added in the correct locations and the songs around the new songs should be correct. I spot checked many of the songs to make sure page numbers should line up, but I didn't check everything. There is a chance that some page numbers are not quite right. It doesn't help that typos in Jim's table of contents result in some songs being in weird places.

I included one other version (a) with the zero width spaces removed.
Hey samibe,

Thanks a lot for your effort! Wow filling in the new songs at the correct spaces and checking everything would have taken me at least the biggest part of one day. I'm very grateful for your help!

As working with csv-files in Excel is still pretty new for me, I might have confused some things yesterday. Now with the csv-file you sent me everything works fine. Inbetween there were some french accented characters (e.g. in the title "À tes risques et périls") that were not handeled correctly and lead to all songs after the one with the accent not being imported. But I don't know if this problem comes from the csv/Excel or from MobileSheets. Anyway, trying it again this morning, as I said, everything worked fine.

Thanks guys for clarification.
Some remarks from my side:
- imho LibreOffice Calc is much less confusing to work with CSV files than Microsoft Excel
- Notepad++ (Windows) has great features for detecting and converting character encodings
- Jim's xx Fakebooks contain PDF bookmarks that you can easily convert to CSV files
This version should be a lot more accurate. I should have used the bookmarks to begin with. So much faster.
I did leave the keys in the title.