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Full Version: Working with two tablets
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I have been working for some time now with two (identical) tablets with MS for Windows in linked mode. I use this when I am conducting. I like having the full spread in front of me.
But I have a request: Could you build in an option so I can choose if I want to start the pdf on the left page or on the right. In the pdf's with several pieces combined that I prepare for my choir I try to make the pages so that pieces of e.g. 2 pages appear on one spread. Such a pdf would be printed so that the first page is on the right page (as would be normal for page 1. But if I open such a pdf on my double tablets, the first page appears on the left and of course everything is the other way round on the spreads. I can of course work around it, but that's a bit of a nuisance. I hope I have made my point clear.

Rein de Vries
You could add in a blank page at the beginning of those PDF Files. So the first page with music will appear on the right side.
McAroni's suggestion is probably the simplest short term - just edit your song, add a blank page, put it before the PDF in the file list and you'll get the behavior you desire.

Of course I know I can. I regard it as a workaround for a situation that could be solved more elegantly. That's why I put this request in this part of the Forum.