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Full Version: Option to open a file at a certain page
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Not sure if this exist already.

I would like to open a file at the page # that I set?

Maybe add it under the "edit notes" section.
Just set "Page Order" on the "Files" tab of the song editor.
Is that what you are looking for?
That dsnt really work, maybe I am doing it wrong.

I have a 64 page single pdf file.

page 1-64. What notation would I use to open page 22 and still have access to the other pages?
Try 23-64,1-22

A bit of a pain though if you want to switch to a different start page

Would "bookmarks' work for that as a work around? One bookmark for each page? 
Just tried it out and it works, just be a pain to setup/use. Would need to mark each page and set up a touch/pedal action.
Not sure if I completely understand what you are intending.
If your PDF contains several songs that you want to access separately creating a CSV file is the way to go.
Geoff suggestion is something I can live with, thank you.

I have many books with lots of pages. When I am working on a specific piece, it would be nice to be able to quickly set the page the piece opens on iso scrolling or aiming in the vicinity of the page number at the bar.
You can also use the 'snippet' tool instead of CSV for multi tune PDFs.
You can also use the 'snippet' tool instead of CSV for multi tune PDFs.

Thanks Skip, that is a perfectly acceptable solution!