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Full Version: Metronome Cancel Option
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Hi Mike

Any chance of a Cancel button on the Metronome dialog?

I quite often play around with its' settings and then have to try to remember what the old values were before I exit the dialog. A cancel option would mean I could just close the dialog and it would revert to the old values.

Obviously not urgent

There is a plus icon at the upper left > select it and it brings up a trashcan. That seem to work like 'cancel', although I didn't check it out very much..
The metronome is not actually a dialog - just a window that can be shown/hidden. Anytime you change any properties of the metronome settings, those changes are immediately written into the database. So having a "cancel" type mechanism doesn't really make sense for that. Also, if I had a cancel button, I'd have to have a save button, and I can see that being far more tedious for the majority of users that wouldn't like having to click save every time they made a change. Having said that, I could introduce a "reset" type button to reset to the settings that were first used when the song was loaded. If you changed setlists, that would remove the ability to reset the settings for any of the songs that were loaded.

Skip - That adds a new tempo to the metronome, and then gives you the ability to switch between the tempos you've added. The trash can removes the current tempo from the list.

Thanks for explaining that Mike

I'm not really concerned with resetting it if I have changed setlists - just experimenting with speeds and then being able to try it out i.e. I don't mind if the original values get "lost" if I traverse to another song and then come back again.

Perhaps a better caption would be "Restore".

Still as I said, not urgent. 

Rather than "Restore", use "Revert" as the caption on the button.

The button should only be enabled when the current values don't match those when the song was loaded/displayed.
Switching to a different song would results in its values being used and "Revert" would be disabled.

I'll leave it there and let you get on with the ipad version

So Geoff - why can't you use the + feature as Mike described and use it to try out the new tempo?  Then you can keep whichever one you prefer (or keep them both).

I missed Skip's post (apologies Skip)

That might work but effectively, it is setting up multiple tempos
It is not intuitive (to me anyway)

Looking at the Measure/Beats, although I have the tempo set at 142 (4/4, quarter notes), it looks like the beat only increments every 6 seconds (roughly)

On further inspection, I see that the actual metronome is only moving every 6 seconds! (but tempo shows as 142)
Tapping the "142 bpm" and closing the adjustment dialog, the metronome display and beats are working as expected.
Very confusing