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Full Version: crash MSheets for yamaha sx900 registration
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Hello, I am trying to link my registrations with Mobilesheets. I have a Yamaha SX900 and a windows version (w10, latest update) Mobilesheets (version 3.6.2).
The problem occurs when I click the link sign in the midi menu of Msheets Huh. Then MSheets crashed.
I have the SX900 with midi setting 'All parts' turned on. The registration is in the USER bank.
For the rest, MSheets works fine. I use the video from 'Casper tutorSynth' as a tutorial.
PS. I only succeeded once, then unfortunately never again?

Hello Tia,

I'm sorry to hear you are encountering that crash. Do you have Settings->About->Enable Crash Reporting turned on? If so, I'll look into this crash to see if I can locate the cause.

Thx for your reply. I will send the crashdump by mail to you. grtz