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Full Version: Custom Group: Edit items
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I just purchased MS Pro, I'm new to this app. I have added 20+ songs (PDF) and have created some "Custom Group" items/categories. I tried a few variations and landed on some that I like. How do I remove the "Custom Group" items/categories that I no longer want?
There are two options:

1) Go to Settings->Library Settings->Tab Selection and Order and add the Custom Group tab. Go back to the library screen, go to that tab, long press a custom group to select it, tap each one you want to delete and then tap "Delete" at the top of the screen

2) Edit a song, go to the Fields tab, enter the name of the collection you want to delete and select it from the auto-complete dropdown that appears (or use the dropdown arrow if you prefer that approach although it's generally slower), then long press on the box and select the option to permanently delete it.