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Full Version: Keep annotations on file update
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probably there is already an answer to this question, but I did not find the thread Angel ... when I update a PDF for a song, annotations that I made before on that song disappear. Is there a mode/switch to keep the annotations - for new songs with PDFs/scores written by us, there are usually only minor changes so the annotations would still fit or could easily be moved into the right place.

Strange - I have the Tab A and my annotations don't vanish when I update a pdf.

Are you doing a swap file ? (if using the companion) 
Are you selecting Replace file or Create file ?  - you need to use Replace to maintain the annotations

I assume you import updated PDFs again. You should instead select the existing song call "Swap File" from the menu and select the updated PDF.
Annotations in MSP are tied to the song, not to the file.

When you manage your files yourself that issue doesn't exist.
Great, thanks Geoff and itsme. Indeed, I've seen "swap files" (via Companion) but never tried it before. Exactly that what I was looking for. I was sure that there is some solution already in MSP Smile 

Thanks for the quick answers,