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Full Version: can i go case-insensitive
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i keep messing up my metadata entry and end up with same person in both upper and lower case ( partly because the audio artist info is pulled from my mp3 imports and its however I capitalized it at the time )

so is there an option to have capitalization ignored so that e.g. . nikki Ilies , Nikki IlesĀ  look the same in all fields: setlists, collections, artists, composers
With Sciurius' MSPro Tools you can manipulate the MSP database in various ways. Export - Search & Replace - Import seems to be the fastest way to get what you need.

With MSP itself you probably have to edit group (artists, composers ...) by group (luckily not every song separately)
There isn't an option at the moment to ignore case when comparing entries. I can certainly consider adding support for that in the future though.