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Full Version: Status/notification bar conflicts
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On my Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultra, I noticed that having Display Settings -> "Fullscreen mode" actually does the opposite of hiding the notification bar in all screens. It initially works, but if the tablet sleeps for a while and I wake it up, the status bar will suddenly appear when viewing sheets, and it does so in translucent mode (it overwrites visible sheet elements as well as the mobilesheets clock). This might be happening if I have "hide navigation bar" and "dim navigation bar" also set to on (I haven't tested each combo extensively).

For now, "Hide navigation bar" does what I need - it shows the navbar in the library, but hides it reliably when viewing sheets.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultra, and I'm not seeing that issue at all. I have "Dim the navigation bar" disabled, as well as "Hide the navigation bar", and if I turn the screen off for a bit, then turn it back on, I'm not seeing the status bar. So I'm not sure at the moment how to reproduce what you are seeing, unless there are some differences between our settings in the OS.

I just disabled "dim" and "hide" so that only "fullscreen mode" is activated, to simplify the troubleshooting, and I can confirm it happens here as well:

[Image: DNszLFC.jpg]
I don't know how to repro it 100%, but sometimes after waking from sleep, the status bar seems to forget or ignore the full-screen status? When it shows up, it looks like this:

[Image: uvVS1qH.jpg]

[Image: a3ceqN4.jpg]
I have this exact issue on my Samsung s7 fe. It makes accessing the top menu quite tricky, and takes up screen real estate unnecessarily.  Is there a way to fix this please?  Thanks!

I have a few other niggles with the display settings which are different on the Samsung than they were on my hannspad titan 2, so I'm going to do a bit more digging in the forum to see if others feel the same
The first thing MobileSheets does when it is resumed from the screen being off is to hide the navigation bar and status bar if needed. About the only thing I could suggest trying would be to do it initially, and then attempt it again after a second or two to see if the OS does not respond to the initial request. I can make this change if someone wants to test it out. I'm still unable to reproduce the issue myself.

For me the notification bar is hidden at first, but if I swipe down from the top to temporarily view the notifications, it doesn't then hide again like it does on the hannspad. If I close the app and reopen it does disappear
If you tap in the center of the screen it should dismiss the notification bar. If that's not happening on your device, that is really strange.

I've noticed this too. Samsung s8+   I've got dim, hide and fullscreen mode options activated. It's not always, but happens from time to time...              [attachment=2235]
(02-26-2023, 10:16 PM)jdeluyck Wrote: [ -> ]I've noticed this too. Samsung s8+   I've got dim, hide and fullscreen mode options activated. It's not always, but happens from time to time...             

I just saw the change log for the newest version on Android 3.7.2 mention something about rehiding the status bar. Was that to address this issue?
Seems to be fixed now.
Yes, I added code so that if you turn the screen off, turn it back on and MobileSheets is resumed, it will try to hide the status bar, then a second later, try to hide it again. I have no idea if that will help with the issue - due to the fact that I can't reproduce the issue, I'm having to guess at what is happening on user's devices that experience the issue.

It seems that Google made some major changes with the status bar behavior with Android 11. They got rid of the ability to dim the navigation bar. Now you can just hide it, but that's it. I have made changes to account for this. There will now be very few differences between the dim/hide settings.

Just by way of an update, this now looks to have been fixed by whatever you've done, thank so much Mike!
You are very welcome! Thanks for letting me know it addressed the issues on your device.

Hmm, a colleague of mine now has this issue on his tab s6.
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