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Full Version: Embedded links from PDF indexes
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Some songbook PDF files have searchable indexes which are linked to songs within its own PDF or, in the case of Real/Fake Books, to an external PDF (whereby the tapping on the page link should launch the relevant Real Book to the exact page of the chosen song).
Unfortunately these links don't appear to work on any Android PDF app I've tried, or with MobileSheets.
It'd certainly be a handy feature to have, as someone else has already done all the hard work, for Real/Fake Book use it's very useful indeed.
Hell Marshland,

I've started doing the work to add support for embedded links. At the moment, I've added the capability to jump to a page within the same file. I hadn't thought about using external PDF links to search through the library for a song using a file with the same name, and open that file. I will mark that down as an improvement. Thanks!

Great! FYI, the searchable index PDF for the Fake Books requires that they're all in the same folder.