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Full Version: Website has been redesigned
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The main website ( has been entirely redesigned and now has a more modern look and feel. It also works properly on mobile phones. There is also a new section for tutorial videos:

Only five videos are currently available but more will be uploaded throughout the year. I'm really excited about the new design, so I hope everyone else likes it as well! I'm going to turn my attention back to working on the half page turn position update now that the website has been finished.

Nice new layout, looks a lot better.

One thing I noticed was a 404 error on the video tutorial page when trying to access it from the link on the main page.  However, it works fine from the link in your post above..
Looks great Mike !

Nice work!
Hi Mike

I normally just frequent this forum site so would not have noticed that the main site had changed without this post.

Suggest you consider also adding Tutorials as a separate category on this forum site (although I suppose that might cause a switch to the main site)

I love the new modern look Mike, Great job.
Thank you everyone! I really appreciate it. 

I fixed that issue with the link Graeme - thanks for pointing that out.

Great Job on the Website Mike!! I do not know how you find the time!! One thing would be so nice is to have tutorial videos on Setting up MIDI with various keyboards. I am having a heck of a time trying to get it to work with my gear. I am sure I am not the only one. I am running windows 10 and have a Korg Kronos and a Yamaha Motiff XF.  Would love to have the patch changes when I pull up a song. For the life of me, I can not figure out how to make it work? Video tutorial would be so helpful. But can not Find Any!! Thanks Mike and keep up the amazing work!!
Very nice redesign. That surely will lead more customers to MSP as it deserves. (Also nice for me to put a face to your name and read some personal details).
Blints - Thank you so much! I will certainly try to create some tutorial videos on MIDI, although I only have a Yamaha SX600, so I can't demonstrate the functionality with a KORG keyboard, and I'm not sure what MIDI messages the Motiff XF supports. I can at least go through some of the basic details on how to set up connections and different types of MIDI commands. 

BRX - Thanks! That's my hope as well, and I'm going to focus on some UI improvements in the app itself soon for users that care a lot about aesthetics.

Very nice modern Design Mike. Seems like a lot of work! I really like the tutorial video section. Shy
Thanks McAroni! It took about 4 weeks to get everything finished, and a lot of that was just learning about all of the modern web frameworks and styling. I'm excited for the tutorial video section to grow and once there are more videos, I'm going to present it as a grid of smaller video thumbnails possibly with table of contents of sorts on the left-hand side.