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Full Version: MobileSheets version 3.6.8 and 3.6.9 release notes
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Version 3.6.8 and 3.6.9 were released weeks ago but I never got around to posting the release notes, so I have captured them below:


  • Fixed reported crashes on older devices
  • Fixed crashes while accessing Dropbox
  • Fixed synchronization issues between metronome visual indicators and the audio
  • Fixed issues with metronome accuracy over time.
  • Added metronome setting to keep the metronome playing when switching songs without having to set auto-start for each song
  • Added metronome setting to prevent delays when starting the metronome at the expense of battery consumption
  • Added metronome setting to offset the starting audio position to account for devices with delays when playing audio
  • Fixed issue with text annotations not rendering on devices below Android 6.0
  • Fixed issue where annotation layer visibility would not be saved correctly in some situations
  • Fixed crash on some devices due to missing permission for AirTurn Direct Mode
  • Adjusted recent tab to show the remove and delete options next to each other to reduce confusion
  • Added popup to show current value when changing volume in audio player and metronome
  • Fixed AirTurn Direct Mode connection issues when first connecting to a device
  • Fixed issue with snippets that could cause files to be copied instead of referencing the original
  • Fixed issue where new folders couldn't be created on Android 11 or higher devices in the file browser
  • Fixed issue where a pinch zoom gesture would stop working when zooming caused the number of pages to change in a text/chord pro file
  • Added storage type selection for the Import->CSV or PDF Bookmark option
  • Added action bar back arrow on several screens

  • Fixed issues with WiFi and bluetooth connectivity
  • Added support for Google Drive shortcuts
  • Fixed issues with the text color in some popups being too dark
  • Fixed bug with audio player fade out after changing transparency
  • Increased dialog width for various dialogs

  • Fixed issues with bluetooth pedals not working if AirTurn Support is disabled in the settings
  • Fixed numerous errors with exporting setlists
  • Fixing issues with synchronizing to libraries with custom stamps where the custom stamps are not properly downloaded
  • The home indicator will now fade out after a few seconds while viewing scores
  • Fixed issue with a blank page being displayed after editing a text or chord pro file
  • Fixed issue with MobileSheets not showing up as a share target for chord pro files
  • Fixed bugs with copying and moving line annotations
  • Added support for Google Drive shortcuts
  • Fixed issue with incorrect positioning of notification when copying annotations
  • Fixed issue where the audio player may not fade out properly after changing the transparency in the settings
  • Fixed crash when entering time for a MIDI pause command
  • Fixed reported crashes


  • Fixed crash that can occur while using the audio player and metronome
  • Fixed issue that prevented the "Goto Previous Song" from working in some situations when Repeat Mode is enabled
  • Stylus erasers will now work properly in the annotation editor
  • If a stylus eraser is hovered or touches the screen, this will now trigger the annotation editor
  • Bluetooth permission warnings will now only be shown once
  • Fixed bug when initially synchronizing to a library with custom stamps to the cloud that would cause the stamps not to be downloaded
  • Fixed playback issue when stopping MIDI files on some devices.

  • Fixed crash that can occur when playing back audio or using the metronome
  • Fixed issue that could cause failures in the group editor

  • Some additional adjustments to fix issues with various pedals
  • Fixed crash that can occur when using audio files and the metronome

I also released version 3.6.10 on iOS to fix a few bugs with the following changes:
  • Fixed bug with disconnecting when using the Connect Tablets feature with a WiFi connection that results in resources being locked, causing issues with new connections
  • Fixed issue where exporting colored stamps results in the colors being inverted
  • Stamps are exported at a higher resolution to improve appearance
  • Fixed issue when swapping files where a progress dialog could be displayed and never closed