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Full Version: Shortcuts from "Find Missing Files" result list
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"Find Missing Files" displays a list of songs where files are missing.
This result window currently has the options "Delete Songs" and "Create Collection".
It would be great if I could go to "Swap File" or "Fix Broken File Paths" with a few clicks.
The "Enter New Collection Name" dialog after "Create Collection" could be pre-filled with a default collection name like e.g. "Missing Files 2023-03-02 08:43"
I believe if you tap a file, it already performs a swap, so that's handled. The "Fix Broken File Paths" is something I can consider, but that's really a separate utility and you can get to that with a simple back + tap, so I'm not sure how useful that will be in practice. As far as the collection dialog default name - if that would be helpful, I can do that.

How could I have missed that! It works like a charm. Great.