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Full Version: CSVFile for Creole Jazz Band Fakebook 2023
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CSVFile for Creole Jazz Band Fakebook 2023
A great collection of traditional jazz tunes that have been written prior to 1927 which makes them out of copyright in the USA.
Very good readability on the tablet.
C, Bb, Eb and Bass Clef versions are available

CSV files for previous versions are available in the forum, just search for "Creole".
I strongly recommend using the latest version as more songs go out of copyright every year and many of them are added.

The fakebook is available here:

- all PDF files with bookmarks
- new files are added to the end of the book so that the page sequence of the first part stays unchanged (sort the CSVs by column "PDFPage" if needed, MSP doesn't import that column)

The page sequence of all versions is identical, so the only difference between the CSV files for the C, Bb and Eb version are the key signatures in column "keys" and the instrument info in column "source types". The CSV file for the C version also applies to the Bass Clef versions.
Thank you for posting about this great resource!