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Full Version: Start/stop audio with footpedal, four pedal option
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Air Turn has a four pedal BT-105. This would be ideal to use two pedals for forward/back and two for start/stop (or re-start) audio. An option to start/stop audio for standard two pedal devices would be very convenient, as well.
I'll look into adding support for this. Ultimately, I want to provide people a list of things they can use the extra pedals for.
I know this thread is old, but have you added this support? I'm very interested in getting some pedals, and I would like to get the BT-105 if this were possible.
I have not added support for this yet. I'm going to be adding it within the next month though. If you do decide to buy a BT-105, please consider using the links on my website ( as it helps support continued development.
Ok, thanks