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Full Version: Merge files
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Hello, I'm facing an situation where some movement scores of the same piece are separated into multiple files in my folders, and therefore take up multiple lines in the library interface (e.g. "Mass of [name] - Kyrie", "Mass of [name] - Gloria", etc.)
I thus looked for a way to merge those files into one directly from MS, or at least to access them all from a single entry in the library interface.
Is there already a workaround to do so?
Could that be an interesting feature to be implemented?
There is no option to merge songs at the moment, because it gets incredibly messy with trying to merge annotations, files, bookmarks, link points, etc. So my advice is to embed the annotations in all files but the first, remove those files from those songs, add them all to the first song, and then recreate any link points, smart buttons, bookmarks, etc.

Isn't it enough just to add several files to a single song in MSP and crop as required?