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Full Version: 2 taps to turn page (or do anything)
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Something has changed.

Galaxy Tab S5e on Android 11

In performance mode, the music fills the screen and the 3 buttons at the bottom (open apps, home and back ||| O <) are not visible.
When I tap to turn the page, they appear, when I tap again the page turns.

I find the same in edit mode, the music fills the screen, 1st tap shows the 3 buttons and 2nd tap shows the back arrow, notes and edit icons at the top and the page x / y at the bottom.

I don't remember it being like this. I know it could be an android change not an app change. Is there something new in settings that I need to change?

I can test operation with the page-turn-pedal if that will help. I'm currently scanning and setting up music for next concert. I am a twoce yearly user.

I definiteliy cannot reproduce what you are describing on my S8 Ultra, but try going to Settings->Display Settings and uncheck "Dim the navigation bar". That should work better for you. Also, if you have not done so yet, update to the latest version through the Google Play Store.

Thanks, Mike

by trying out that and the other navigation bar control it's behaving as I need
Having same issue.  The very bottom area changed some how.  It's now very difficult to access the various TABLET specific buttons ..  started in the last release as I recall.
Definitely make sure you've downloaded the latest update from the Google Play Store. If you have done that, also make sure you uncheck the option to Dim the Navigation Bar as I described.

Same problem here, since the last update.

When I open a score for the first time, I don't have a problem. When I go back and opening another score, the problem of ticking twice for turning a page occures. 

Hopefully there's a solution.

Thanks for helping.

Antoon Boks
The Netherlands

I'm confused - this post is about an issue with the navigation buttons at the bottom, but it seems you are describing a problem with page turns. What exactly is the problem you are encountering? Are you having a problem with tapping to turn a page which is showing you the navigation buttons, or is your problem completely unrelated? Did you uncheck the option to dim the navigation bar and are you running version 3.7.5?