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Full Version: Problem
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I own a Korg Pa4x and bought Mobile Sheets Pro a few days ago. Mobile Sheets is installed on my Samsung Anroid tablet. I have also connected the tablet to the keyboard via USB, set all settings according to the manual, but it still does not work!
In MSP I have read in all the files. Now when I press on a certain song title on the tablet, I get the title displayed there, but the key does not switch.

What did I do wrong? And who can help me?

No idea but, guessing that you have pressed the song title for too long; this enters a song selection mode with a little arrow next to it.
Having selected one or more songs, you can then select different operations.

So try just tapping the song title.

Suggest you play around with MSP before you really get into it e.g. experiment with collections and setlists.

There are several posts on the forums related to the pa4x. This one may help:

Are you connected to the keyboard under Settings->MIDI Settings->Configure MIDI Connections? Are you using the Google MIDI library and have you tapped the input and output ports for the keyboard? Have you loaded the MIDI listen dialog to see whether MobileSheets is receiving anything from the keyboard?