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Full Version: Going to/from Setlist
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When I'm playing from a setlist I might get a request for a song outside the setlist. So I would like to leave the setlist, do the request and, somehow, come back the the last song I played in the setlist. I know you're busy with Vers. 5 right now but maybe sometime in the future you can address this. You rock, Mr. Z.
It's not extremely quick, but you could exit the setlist, load the other song, then when you are ready to resume the setlist, long press it and play it from the last viewed page. I can try to come up with a quicker and more fluid way to do this though.

Oh! Sorry. I wasn't aware of this capability. This is -fine-. Thank, Mr. Z.
I just use the + (add song) function, bring it into the Set List and then go back to where I was in the set. Just as fast once you get used to it.