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Importing by clicking a file duplicates the entry
Hi there,

I have been using mobile sheets pro for a couple of years now, and am very happy with it. Just one thing "bugs" me sing I have been using MSPro...

Not sure if it is a bug or a feature, but I find the following unexpected behavior, in case there was already an entry with the same name.

1) open dropbox (or synology drive client)
2) navigate to the PDF file to import
3) "click" the file, this opens in my case the "open with" menu as I have not fixed the pdf type to a single app.
4) Select "open with mobile sheets pro"
5) MSPro starts and  reports "file already exists" and allows to select "Replace file", "rename file", "use existing file".
6) I select "Replace file"

Expected: keep the existing entry and just replace the old PDF is replaced with the new one
Actual: a new entry is created linking to the imported file, and an old entry is kept, but also linking to the new file.

7) I end up deleting the "duplicate" entries manually...

Huh  Did I pick the wrong entry? Or is t a bug?


I find this sort of confusing as well.

When you know you are changing an existing file, use the swap file option (press three vertical dots at top right). You will still get prompted what to do ( I don't know why because you have already said you want to swap the file)

You might want to check that the Title field on the Import Settings  dialog is  set to "Use Filename As Title" rather than "Guess Title from FileName".

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
So just to explain the behavior:

1) If you import a PDF, MobileSheets is set to manage your files in the settings and the location the file would be copied to matches the file of an existing song in the library, MobileSheets displays a different conflict dialog that lets you update the existing song with the new file. Alternatively, you can rename the file to create a new song, replace the existing file (in which case two songs will share the same new file) or cancel the import. This is the behavior you were expecting to see.

2) If you import a PDF and the file is going to overwrite an existing file on disk but no matching song is found in the library, then MobileSheets will display the dialog you observed. It asks what you want to do about the file conflict, as it doesn't want to overwrite an existing file on disk without you being aware of that. However, no song in the library seems to be using the file in the destination location, so there is no option to update an existing song in this scenario

Due to the fact that situation #2 occurred, this is the same as copying and pasting a file in a folder in Windows even though an existing file already exists there - Windows will ask if you want to overwrite the file or cancel the paste. MobileSheets similarly does the same but lets you also rename the file if you want to keep both. I hope that makes sense. As for why MobileSheets didn't detect a matching song, this depends on the settings you selected and whether or not you renamed the song at any point. It's really just based on the file path - if you compare the new song that was created and the old song, and you long press the file in the file list for each, what file path is listed? If MobileSheets is managing your files, then those paths should be different (otherwise it would have prompted you for a song conflict). If MobileSheets is not managing your files, then things get more complicated because if two files exist at different locations, MobileSheets is not going to see a conflict with that.


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