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Date last opened
I'd like to display the date last opened in Songs or other lists, and perhaps sort by that date. "Recents" sort of does that, but only lists 50 items (not enough). Why? I have a large repertoire, and need to cycle through items periodically to practice. Also useful in performance, to avoid repeating songs.
Yep, sorting by date is helpful in a lot of contexts. I think Mike said he was going to code for sorting by date in the Companion within collections (and the full song list?) so you can easily see which songs you already (recently) added
I will do my best to include sorting by date modified in v5.0.0 if possible, if not, it will be in one of the following updates shortly after. I haven't written the code to perform the sorting yet, and I'm trying not to delay the update any further.

Having said that, sorting by "date last opened" is exactly what the recent list is for. I do not intend to support doing that also in the Songs list. I can increase the size of the recent list to 500, as it really shouldn't impact very much.

That would be fine. 500 entries in Recent would solve the problem. Thanks.


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