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New Bug Reporting System
Surely the MSP release is the ideal time to resurrect Bugzilla? Why wait any longer? Based on my ~20 years experience of distributed software projects, tracking bug reports and feature requests via web forums is far less effective than an issue tracker, for many reasons.

(As an amusing aside, I contributed a little bit to the Bugzilla project in the 1990s...)

I tried the Bugzilla system for the first time yesterday.

As with all new things/system I felt a bit lost at first, but after quickly discovering that there are ways to customize views (best to do those customizations on pc and not on android I experienced) and to save searches, which then appear just a click away at the bottom of each  screen, I rather got to like the system.

More so when this morning (CET) when I discovered I got automatic E-mail from bugzilla as a result of you changing the status of the issues I entered to 'resolved'.

I remember reading somewhere that you wrote it would be an improvement for you if people started to use bugzilla, and now I feel it could also be an improvement for us users.

Two suggestions
- Currently bugzilla related items are scattered all over the forum. Maybe entering a centralised item somewhere where all users could then enter bugzilla related their tips, experiences and questions would help.
As the system grows, a topic on do's and don't's could also appear there if necessary

- In bugzilla itself in the views the field Product always appears truncated so everything shows up as 'Mobilesh'  or something. Not possible to make out if it is Pro or Companion or so. . . Maybe it would be possible to change them to MS, MS C, MSPro and MSPro C, (Mobilesheets, Mobilesheets Companion, Mobilesheets Pro and Mobilesheets Pro Companion) or such. Alternatively the Component field could also be used for that as I believe it is currently always 'application'

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I have been reporting a few bugs here as this is more convenient for me, but would you prefer all bug reports to go to Bugzilla. It's a bit confusing having both places.
Have you noticed any increase in spam after getting a bugzilla account?
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(04-25-2015, 12:13 AM)Skip Wrote: Have you noticed any increase in spam after getting a bugzilla account?

Huh  I get so much spam anyway, I don't think I'd even notice Exclamation .

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Thanks for the suggestions Rey_a, I'll try to either fix the product names or add better component names.

bumblebee - I'm going to put it this way. I would prefer users who provide detailed information about their problems to post things on bugzilla, especially if they are confident the problem is reproducible. Otherwise, I would prefer people use the forums so I have more control over what things are deemed acceptable of being in the bugzilla system. Most of the people on the forums are pretty good about reporting problems with detail though, so I don't forsee this being a huge issue.


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