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Subdirectories or Unique ID?
can you explain why I would choose one or the other, or both in Storage management settings?
If you care about how your files are stored, you may want to change the subdirectory setting. It normally creates one folder per song, but not everyone likes this. Many users prefer having all of the files in one directory.

The unique id prevents file name conflicts by adding a number to the end of each imported file. This is how the original MobileSheets worked. If you disable the subdirectory per song setting, and there is a chance you will importing many files that have the same name, the unique id can make this a heck of a lot easier, as it would prevent you from having to rename all of the files that have conflicts.

If I have MS manage the files, then it does not matter if they are in a subdirectory, true?
If it is putting them in subdirectories, then there is no need for a unique number at all, or is there still some reason why you might do this?
The unique number becomes part of the file name? so if I export this or send it to someone, the file name is appended with the number? or does it automatically get deleted when sending the song?
The subdirectory is driven off the song title. You can assign the same song title to multiple songs, meaning there is still the potential for a file conflict. The unique number does become part of the file name, so if you send that file, it would contain the number.
So if you make a song title that already exists, no check for a duplicate title is made at the time?
That is correct- song titles do not have to be unique.
Just out of interest, how is this achieved (in the background). And I have just thought, for me, I probably should have unique titles, otherwise I will get confused Smile

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