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trouble with sort order
I use titel formatting %custom% - %titel% (custom fileld holds a consecutive number) to look up all titels in number order by setting sort option = custom.

To quickly change the library screen to an alphabetic order I changed sort option to A-Z. But there is no big change in order.

I expected an alphabetic oder of the songs with disarranged numbers in front of the titels.
Additional the alphabet list is extended and shows A, AB, AB, AB, AB, AL, AL .... (multible entries).

How can I quickly switch in alphabetic order or/and see the alphybetic list with single letter?
If you put a number in front of the title, then I would expect to see it sorted by number - makes perfect sense to me.

Not sure what is going on with the alphabet list, but I wouldn't mind betting it is related to the first issue.

1: Samsung 12.2" SM-P900: Android 5.0.2 
2: eSTAR GRAND HD Quad-Core 4G 10.2": Android 5.1 

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I had to rewrite a good chunk of the sorting logic, but it's now possible to put fields other than title first and have it sorted correctly. I also added more advanced sorting logic for the custom field, so that it will properly sort if a number is used (as I think a lot of people use it for that). Thanks for letting me know about the issue.

Thank you Mike for taking care to my problem.

Changing the settings did take effect not before restarting my system.

Now my songtitel format is %custom% [number] - %title% - %coustum_groups% [=instrument].
Sort order = standart = A-Z which shows the numbers in %custom% in ascending order.

Switching sort method to numerical (?) shows up the songs in alphabetical order but without the alphabetic list which was very very helpful.
Using songtitel format %titel% - %custom% and sorting A-Z alphabet list is shown correct now. Switching to custom order shows the right order. 
Unfortunately songtitel format switched to %custom% - %titel% which would be easier for me to read does not behave the same. Sad
Wouldn´t it be smarter to keep effect of an A-Z order to the titel?
The problem is that people can select any of the formatting fields to be in any order they want, and title may not even be included (which would be odd, but is still supported). If I sort based upon title, even though title isn't the first field displayed, I imagine it would be extremely confusing to have the songs displayed in what would appear to be a random order because I'm sorting on just title instead of what is actually displayed. I can see how both could be desired though. So I'm going to add a new checkbox to the formatting dialog that says, "Use formatted title for sorting". It will be checked by default. If you uncheck this option, it will sort based only upon the song title. How does that sound?
I think a fast way to change the sort oder is in the menue sort method. If I understand your option the right way I would have to go through the setting menue which would take a longer time?
Could it be an additional option in the menue sort method: sort titel A-Z (and show alphabetic list)?
Sure thing, I can add it to that dialog. As for the show alphabetic list request - is there a time where you wouldn't want to see the alphabet list? It doesn't take up much space, so I just want to make sure it's worth the effort to add the setting.
No, that will be fine. I always would like to see alphabetic list when sort order is titel A-Z.
Dear Mike,
thank you so much. MS now acts like I wished and expected it. I hope everyone can agree.

Furthermore I'd like this sort option at setup list too. At the moment it shows songnames with the alphabetic list which is fine. But sometimes I would like to pic the songs by %custom% (=number). My settings are %custom% (number)- %titel% - %custom_groups% (=intrument).
I'm not sure I understand what you mean. The "Use formatted title for sorting" shows up on both the sort selection dialog as well as the Song Title Formatting dialog.
Sorry, I used a wrong expression. I mean at the setlits editor I can't find a way to quickly change the sorting oder to "Use formatted title for sorting".
At one band (collection) I pic the songs for the setlist by name of the song which is comfortable now. But at an other band I would like to pic the songs for selists by sorted %custom% (number).
A further wish regards to companion. I can't find the field custom2 an would like to fix the order of the columns (fields). Would you like me to post this in a separate thread?
At "Bug Reports & Troubleshooting (MobileSheetsCompanionPro)" or "Feature Requests and Ideas"?

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