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Page cropping.
Interesting... Why would it arbitrarily zoom upon page turning or annontation?
Turning with pedal
It definitely shouldn't. If you see that happen again, please let me know. I'm trying to do odd things right now to see if a zoom can happen without an explicit pinch zoom, but so far, that hasn't happened.
It may just be as I crop the pages in the original pdf file and none are EXACTLY the same.
Here is one to give you an example, what I see and the second small but you can see the whole page =

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And the whole page

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More practicing; 
Just went back to a pdf file I used in a recital on the 10th of May.
There was no problem with the different page sizes of changing from landscape to portrait.
I have NOT touched the file.
And now the same file and many pages were cut off in landscape mode, only fix to use a pinch to reduce it.
But then then next page was too small.

Either I've fiddled too much with "adapt to screen" or "change zoom" but this was DEFINITELY not happening two weeks ago.

Again a bug? 
Some adjustments were made to the display modes to handle resizing when the overlay or next up song bar are shown. It's possible these changes could somehow be related to what you are seeing. If there are bugs present, I definitely need help reproducing them, as I have yet to run across this yet, so I don't know what to investigate. All of my checks thus far have resulted in no problems. Remember that cropping, zooming, and panning can all be set up to apply changes to every page in a song. If you have it set up this way, and you aren't meaning to change the zoom of other pages, this could be a factor.

It seems it was just a setting. In tools preferences I had checked to display half pages in Landscape mode. =
 Display Half Page in Landscape
o Displays half a page in landscape orientation while using the single page
display mode. Pages can be scrolled up and down.  Half-Page Turns In Landscape Mode
o Advances half a page at a time while the single page display mode is active in Landscape Mode. Vertical scrolling is disabled while this mode is active.

- My fault. -
If this hasn't cleared it up of course will get back. Idea

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