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Returning to a song index
Selecting a song from the Songs index then returning (Back) to the index, you return to the (index) letter you came from (selecting a song from letter N, back returns you to the N songs).
But Albums and Collections, it returns to the top of the index. Personally I would prefer these to also return to the same place. However is there a reason for this? Perhaps a setting otherwise?
I can't reproduce this. If I scroll down to the bottom of the album list, select one, then hit the back button, it returns me back to the position I was at before. Are you using filters while experiencing this behavior?
no filters, just looked on Nexus 7 and it does not happen; but occurs on Acer running OS4.0.3. Are you able to run a simulator?
I can try out an emulator running out v4.0.3 to see if it happens - thanks.
let me know if you find it or not, thanks.
This also appears to work when using a 4.0.3 emulator.
Mike do you mean you cannot replicate? If so, then can I do anything at my end to clear the fault or what various steps should I try to rectify it? Or is it then not related to OS but something else?
I'm not too concerned—if it is not important to look into it is not worrying me much. I just thought you ought to know about its existence.
Yeah, I was not able to reproduce the problem using an emulator. My basic test was to just create like 15 albums, select one part way through, hit the back button, and see if the list was scrolled to the right position once returning to the albums list. Does this match basically what you are trying?
Yes, I made a new album (I don't have any others), put in a few random songs so the list was much longer than one screen full, exited to albums, tapped on a song near the end, Back, the list shows from letter A downwards.
The only thing I can think of is that I have a number of periods in the titles (about 3) separated by some alphanumerics in between them as they are my codes and keys.
e.g. The Lake.keyEb.band.jpg

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