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Still no flattened pdf export?
Hi there,
Sorry to be a pest.
But I just upgraded to 1.1.9 an unless I'm missing something was very disappointed to see that the export pdf feature is not included.

Maybe I didn't see it.

But as stated in the past it's a very important part of my work and often done in a rush.

The problem to restate is :
1 - I add all indications into my music. Since I perform Baroque music we often make changes, often radical ones during rehearsals. This means I often have to delete or add pages.
2 - Ditto for the indications, dynamics, fingerings, and order such as AA BB CC AA change often
3 - And for sure I'm paranoid and still need the paper version on my stand just in case something goes phooey with the tablet or pedal or what else.
4 - As many here I perform often in front of hundreds and often on live radio (thousands) and TV.

Here's a video of me in front of 2000!!!

So maybe I'm paranoid but I still prefer to print out my music - and if I'm lucky a few days before the concert.

But since I can't export the annotations as I did with 4 score I spend some frantic panicky moments often at the dress rehearsal - in the worst case - taking screen shots sending them to Googledrive and then recompiling the pdf file, print it out and hope I haven't forgot or doubled up on a page!

So I'm seriously considering if the pdf export is not soon to abandoning this program buying the new HUGE iPad and going back to 4 score which gives me fewer heebie-jeebies I must admit.

Then again am I just ranting because I missed the promised export feature?

Please inform.
You can export the annotations. Just go into the annotations editor, tap the circle at the top left and then select "Write Annotations to File".

If you need to send the file to someone else, you can go to Share->Export Files, and all of the annotations will be written into the exported PDF.

As a side note, I also added printing support, so you can long press a song, tap the overflow menu and then tap Print. You can send the PDF to your printer and the annotations will all be present.

Thank you Mike! I was sooooooo disappointed and thank you for explaining where to look.
I'm testing it now but it's taking some time to export the low resolution file. So I haven't been able to test it yet if indeed it will show up on googledrive as a pdf with all the stuff I wrote into it.

OOOOF.... Big Grin
YES!!! Bravo and look at the mess I have to deal with each time the singers change "I don't want to sing the third verse" or let's play the third strophe pizzicato. 

Thank you!!!

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Exporting files is a lot slower than writing them to the file through the annotations editor, but it will keep your MS Pro annotations intact. The only downside is the extremely large file size that is generated (which takes awhile to generate). I'm trying to work with the company that makes the PDF library to provide ways to properly compress the image data, but it doesn't seem to be very high on their priority list, so there isn't much I can do I'm afraid.


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