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Limits of the database
Assuming I want to put as many songs into the database (including multiple versions) as possible, what are the limits of the MSP database?

Is there a limit for the amount of songs app wise or Android wise? What is to expect for the performance? Will MSP slow down and can't be worked efficiently with if the database gets to big?
MobileSheetsPro uses a SQLite database, so the only real limit is the amount of space available on the device (and you would have to add a ridiculous number of songs for the file to become large). There is no limit on the amount of songs, as long as you have enough hard drive space. I try to read out only critical data at startup and then read other data when songs are loaded, as this lowers the memory usage and reduces the load time. I will mention that there is a slightly longer delay at startup as more songs are added, as more entries will have to be read out of the database. I've loaded a library with well over 5000 songs with only a second delay at startup, so I think you would have to have an extremely large library for this to be noticeable.


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