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Display of PDF
Hi, i am a new user of MSP. and i have some difficulties to use it.
First problem : I make a setlist with some PDF. ok but when i display some song, i have first page which is cut at middle
half page bottom is missing. All the rest of the following pages is correct.
Pdf is correct .
It is not for all songs of setlist.
Only one or two songs.
I don' understand
Please somebody can me help
Thank you

It sounds like the automatic cropping may have cut off a part of the score. Can you please open one of the problematic PDFs, then open the cropping editor (load the song, tap to bring up the overlay, tap the display settings button at the bottom left corner and then tap "Crop"). If the cropping rectangle is cutting off part of the music, then you need to clear the cropping (tap "Clear" at the top of the screen). If cropping is not the problem, try resetting the zoom with a two finger tap to see if that's an issue.

Hi, Thank you very much All is good.
Second question : I have made 4 importations of songs in MSP. After erase list of sheets, i have make , at each time, an importation . So i have 4 songs of each song. I must erase mobilesheets.de and mobilesheets.de-journal , and after import a new time songs i have only on song of each. Is it the correct method ?
Third : How speed up or slow down scrolling when i am in concert.
Thank you once more for your help
Speak you French ?
Sorry but i have a double new question : How open  bookmarks window and links window. I have not found it .
Always thank you for your help.
Sorry. I find toolbar to adjust speed  of scrolling etc...
If you have any time , update and complete your user guide and please remake your tutorial video on youtube with the last version .
Thank you

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