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MS Termination with some Music app

only from the latest updates I have problems with MS Win that is terminated (or does not open, or opens and closes immediately) when activated with applications such as Cantabile or Kontakt 5  who are music apps that use audio drivers (in my case ASIO). 
In one of these times (when not immediately closed)I received the following message:

“Metronome playback initialization error: Unknown Failure. Please report this to Zubersoft

Suggestions or some log files where to find information about the error to help fixing?

Using Lenovo Yoga 3


Beppino Costa (Italy)
Hello Beppino,

That would indicate that the primary audio renderer is being locked by one of those applications, and MobileSheets is not able to get any audio renderer for playback. If the application is closing immediately, I'm obviously not handling the error very well. I'll have to change the code so that, if the metronome isn't initialized correctly, I try to reinitialize it if the play button is pressed. I'm not sure you'll be able to utilize the metronome at the same time as using those other applications, but that might not be an issue for you (so long as the rest of the app works fine).


I just forced the error to happen on my machine, but MobileSheets didn't close. It seemed to operate just fine. I'm not sure why you are seeing such different behavior...
Thanks Mike,
objectively (and only in my case) does not care that the metronome function is active and the first (and immediate) solution might be a flag in setting that turn off the metronome if not used, it is important that the application does not close (or it can open).
The problem could be in those cases I intended to use the MS audio section for playback of MP3 and simultaneously I have activities with Kontakt 5 or Garritan Aria for the sound management of the solo part (managed by a VST host as the Cantabile software), on hold, however, that the same MS coud have or use a third party VST host (of this we we wrote a post not long ago).
I've just tried to launch Cubase that also uses ASIO drivers for audio and after that I run MobileSheets. I got the same message - “Metronome playback initialization error: Unknown Failure. Please report this to Zubersoft” but I was able to tap OK and continue in normal work (just without any audio from MS). I got same result with Groove Music so I don't think it's something Mike can fix. I think if ASIO drivers are used, you can't run any more audio through same audio device...

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It's a while since I  played around with ASIO, but I do recall that it is essentially single client, i.e. it can only handle one audio stream at a time.

You might like to try one of the multi-client ASIO drivers and see if that solves your problem. Steinberg do a multi-client wrapper (ASIO was originally their baby) or something like ASIO4ALL might be OK for you.

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Thank you all for your concern.

I also agree that it is exclusive audio driver problem (in this case Asio and I already use asio4all), and I believe that the simplest solution (and immediate) consists in NOT useing the MS audio section, the problem is that only in some cases it is reported the described error signal ("Metronome playback initialization error: Unknown failure. Please report this to Zubersoft") and pressing OK you can continue, in the majority of the time the MS procedure is terminated without offering the opportunity to continue.
For this I propose to Mike a request to include in Seup the option to turn off the audio section to avoid conflicts (if not already existing), otherwise I would not know how to proceed with the simultaneous use of MS and Virtual Instruments

I've been making a lot of changes to prevent crashes, so hopefully with the next version you won't encounter any more problems. I don't think it's necessary to provide an option to turn off the audio as long as the application remains stable.
Thank you very much Mike,
I am sure that the improvements adopted will lead to solving the problem.
Congratulations again for the great job that every day you do to make progress in the development and evolution of the product

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