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Two Tablets connect with Keyboard?
Hi Everybody
Perhaps you have Experience and can help me

I use MobileSheetsPro, Korg PA3X and an ACER Tablet. I had no Problem
> to connect the tablet with the Keyboard. It works.
> My Question is now: Is it possible to connect two Tablets to the KORG
> PA3X? And how? For me (Keyboard) and my singer

> With a normel USB HUB between the KORG and the Tablet is the
> Connection lost, MobileSheetsPro is not able to find the KORG PA3x
> anymore.
> Many Thanks
> Martin

I take it you are talking about a MIDI connection ?

If you do, a MIDI Y splitter cable might work. I use one to connect a bass pedal board to both my keyboard and my MobileSheetsPro tablet so I can use the pedals as a MIDI controller to both my keyboard and MobilesheetsPro. (my keyboard does not have MIDI through or MIDI Merge function, so I was forced to look for an alternative . . .).
You will need two MIDI to USB converters (one for each tablet) when trying to use a MIDI Y spliter cable.

Also you do not specifiy what you want to achieve.
If you want to be able to open the same scores / same pages on both tablets, you could also have a look at the "connect devices" feature in MobilesheetsPro which allows you to do just that.

HP Slate 21-Android 4.4.2, HP Slate 17-Android 4.4.4, Onda Air 10" (backup tablet) Android 4 / Windows 10
Yamaha Genos, Roland PK-6, Yamaha PSR SX900
Hi Rudy
Many Thanks for your answer. Now it works
I meant a USB Connection (No MiDI). As you say: I wanted to be able to open the same pages on both tablets.
But of course I need no extra USB cable, I can do it with the "Connect Device" Feature.

I didn't knew this Feature. Now it works perfectly. One Tablet as Master and the other as slave.
You helped me very much. Thank You
Best Regards

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