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issue with AirTurn Digit III

I'm a german member.
I use Mobilesheets pro on my samsung galaxy tab s2 10.0 with Android 7.0. Last year I bought an AirTurn Digit III and use this as a pedal. Up to our last concert in December 2017 all was fine. Now we started in the new season. I started the Mobilesheets (the Digit III was alredy connected with the tablet), but Mobilesheets no more does recognize the Digit.
After that I tried the following:
1. reset Digit III (Digit power goes down)
2. start Mobilesheets
3. choice setup maintain device connections
4. start Digit

Before the connection Digit III and tablet is complete Digit III appear at the setup monitor red, then it changed to green. When Digit III is connected with the tablet it does disappear in the setup monitor and Mobilesheets does not respond to any key.
When I start the Mobilesheets pro after connection of the Digit III with the tablet, Digit III does not appear on the setup monitor.

Is this a known issue? Do you have a solution?

I hope for your help!

Best regards
Hello Alfredo,

Nothing has changed in MobileSheetsPro that would explain the issues you are suddenly seeing with the AirTurn Digit III. I would recommend the following:

1) Unpair the digit III with your tablet and then repair it
2) Load MobileSheetsPro and go to Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings->Pedal Actions
3) Tap the Keys field for pedal 1 and then clear the entries.
4) Press a switch on the digit III and see if it shows up on the dialog. 

If you see a key show up on the dialog, then the digit III is working correctly and you should be able to map actions to it. If not, something has fundamentally changed with the connection between the Digit III and your tablet. Did you update the OS or make any other significant changes?

Best regards,
Hallo Mike,

thank your very much for your fast reply!

I did alredy unpair the Digit III. Every restart of the Digit required to unpair the devices, because it is impossible to repair without this.

A new OS or a greater update has not take place. But I installed McAfee, because this tool I use for all my other devices (PC, Laptop, Mobile, my wifes tablet). After thad my tablet produced a unusual effekt. When the display was going to sleep, sometimes it not waked up again and I need some attempts. I uninstalled the McAfee, but this effekt does not vanish again. (With the installation the hint appeared, it could be possible, the App is not optimizes for this hardware. But I think, this is bullshit, because my mobile is a samsung device too and both devices was produced in 2016 and this effekt only appear on the tablet!)

I alredy tried to remove an entry in the list of Pedal Actions, and when I press a button, Mobilesheets does not respond.

As I just detected, is now the AirTurn Manager availible for Android and I did install it. This App is unable too to find the Digit III. I'm afraid, there is a general problem with the Tablet. I think, it is better to reset it to the factory settings. I will inform you about the result.

Best regards

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