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Sunlight glare
Has anyone used Mobile Sheets on a Samsung Galaxy Pro 12.2 in the sun?  Nearly impossible to read.  I think this may be the issue for any digital music reader/tablet.  I thought I could use the Night mode, but then I can't see my comments on where to go when I change pages with my pedal.  I guess I need to be under an umbrella or pop-up shade unless there are other changes on MobileSheets that I am not aware.
I think you would face that issue with most LCD or LED based tablet screens. There are some e-ink Android tablets that work great even with glare, but they are a little expensive. I'm hoping over time the cost may come down and it will be a reasonable alternative for most people.

Yep, in my experience not great way to handle that.

Try to situate yourself so tablet is no in direct light bouncing back at you.

Turning up the brightness to full helps (since it is so light out) (but uses more battery, so you might need to plug in).

They sell sun shields: https://www.amazon.com/Collapsible-Molde...B00P1MA98K

But, for a number of reasons (unwieldy, take too much space, exacerbate winds issues), I don't think this is a good solution.[/url]


On my Samsung Note I have an anti-glare foil which greatly reduces reflections but also reduces brightness. It is really, really great for normal use but becomes a pain when used in heavy sunlight due to the reduced brightness.
My other tablet does not have anti-glare, so the brighness is higher, but it reflects like hell. Having a sun shield will hardly work since it is the reflections that kill readability.
When performing in bright sunlight I sometimes use the first, sometimes the other tablet, with varying success.

An e-ink tablet would be the best for this circumstances, I think.
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collects some info about eInk devices.
Searching the web for eink or epaper might find more.
Often some essential features are missing: touch, bluetooth...
I'm also thinking about an eInk device every now and then, so I would be interested in finding a comparison table and/or hearing from users with MSP on an eInk / ePaper device
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Maybe send a note to ink tablet manufacturers, letting them know this is a nice potential market for them.

Requirements: Quik enough page turns, blue tooth, Android compatible.


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