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Moving file and annotations from one song to another
I've learned two different version of a song for a band, the album version and a quite different live version.

At this point I have 3 pages of notes on the song--really just 3 blank pages with my notes written as annotations.  (Maybe not really how the program was meant to be used, but it's turned out to be convenient.)

Two of those pages are about the album version, one about the live version.

When performing I only need to see the notes for the version we're playing, and it's a little annoying having to page past the others.

So I'd like to just split this into two separate songs.  I tried creating a new song for the live version figuring I could move over the one page of notes to it--but I can't see how to do that.

Any suggestions?
D'oh, I forgot about "copy song".

So: go to "Songs", find the original song, long-press on it, choose "copy song".  Now I have two identical copies of the song, and I can remove the album-version notes from one and the live-version notes from the other so I end up with one song for the live version and the other for the album version.

So I know how to split one song into two.  That doesn't answer the general question of how to move an annotated file between two pre-existing songs, but I don't actually need to do that for now....
I find that when I replace a song using the companion, I have to then modify it to remove my annotations about what I needed to change). Should be the same if you use the MSP menus.

So, duplicate the album version and annotations using long press and "copy song" as indicated above

Then replace one of the songs with the "live" version. This will then have the live version display with the original annotations.
Adjust as necessary. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
You can't currently move annotations between songs. Copy & pasting annotations may work if both songs are in the same setlist and you page between the songs in the annotations editor after copying the annotation you want (I haven't tested this in awhile). Song versioning which is planned for early next year will also solve the issue of wanting to load different pages of a song in different scenarios.


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