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Is there a future enhancements list?

Is there a list anywhere on the forum or website of planned future updates/feature enhancements for core and platform-specific versions of the app?


Hello Paul,

Not at the moment. I've mainly just gathered up all the feature enhancements from users, many of which have been entered into a tracking system, and others in a document that I'll have to go through and add to the tracking system when I have time. The list of enhancements has grown very large, and I haven't assigned timelines to each individual feature yet. I can only say what is planned for the next year or so (which I've listed on many places throughout the forum). If you'd like to know what's coming up over this year and next, let me know and I can list some of the things that are planned.

Hi Mike

Thanks for the reply. A list of what's coming up would be great :-)


Might be easier if you tell Mike about any specific improvements that you want.
This saves Mike from generating/maintaining a "fluid" list which people will keep querying him about (obviously reducing the time that he can spend coding)

I don't know how he does it!

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You always can see at least a part of what's Mike juggling in the tracking system he referred to above


(maybe you have to register though, I'm not sure right now)
Right now, in between updates with small bug fixes, I'm working on the annotations rework. The amount of content being included with this update is so large that it would be difficult to cover it all here in this post. After that update is finished (I'm not sure exactly how long it will take), my next highest priority is the iOS version. While that is being developed, I may slip in smaller updates to the Android and Windows 10 versions to get users some minor features they need. When the iOS version is finished, there are a series of things I will be working on, including:

1) Song versioning (the ability to have one song with multiple versions where each version can have independent metadata, files, annotations, etc). Different versions of songs can be assigned to different setlists, and I plan on adding support for instrument roles where you can assign certain versions of a song to certain instruments. This makes it easier to share one library with multiple users and each user can just choose their role to load the songs relevant to them.
2) Chord grids and other chord pro features
3) More metadata fields - At least four more custom group fields, and I may even look into allowing some existing fields to be renamed.
4) Improved filtering on the library screen - Layout changes, may collapse it into a side panel, configurable so users will only see the filters they care about making them faster/easier to access
5) Integration with additional cloud sources (including webDAV based sources)
6) Integration with spotify (may be Android only, depends what is available for Windows)
7) Setlist separators and coloring in the library
8) Additional tracking of songs that are loaded/viewed. Useful to see what is played in a given night or what songs are played the most.
9) Page turns based on audio playback positions
10 Companion app on Mac
11) Microsoft Word document support (depends whether it is cost prohibitive on Android)
12) Additional display modes (3 pages, reflow potentially) and page turn behaviors (continuous horizontal scroll)
13) Chord pro files that are displayed in a continuous fashion vertically with no page gaps
14) YouTube video support
15) ABC file support
16) Additional chord display options (Roman Numeral, Nashville numbering notation, etc)
17) Setlist editor layout updates, additional filtering options, etc

- More advanced automatic scrolling behavior where you can choose when each scroll occurs and how much is scrolled.
- MusicXML support

These are just some of the things that I have planned. I have hundreds of feature requests from users saved as well as everything that's already in the bug tracking system. All of the smaller feature requests may be added into any update when I deem it is an appropriate time for it. 

Thanks very much Mike for the comprehensive list of what's to come, much appreciated! I'll check out the bug tracker too.


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