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How to use iRig BlueTurn on Windows

I am glad I found a way to use my iRig BlueTurn with my Windows tablet and wanted to share this with you. As IK Multimedia does not supply a working windows driver for the Blue Turn it won't work on a Windows PC or tablet, only on Android or iOS and large Android tablets for MobileSheets are getting rare these days.

No rocket science, but what works is to use an Android mobile as an intermediate: Connect the iRig BlueTurn to your mobile and then connect MobileSeets Android with MobileSheets on Windows with the "connect tablet" function and, voila, the iRig turns pages on Windows as if it were designed for it. Very cool to use my BlueTurn with the large screen of my Windows tablet.

Best Regards
Why do you need a windows driver for your Blueturn? Doesn't it act as a standard bluetooth keyboard?
Did you try this: https://windowsreport.com/fix-bluetooth-...indows-10/
(10-16-2019, 11:49 PM)Cancoillotte Wrote: Hi,
Why do you need a windows driver for your Blueturn? Doesn't it act as a standard bluetooth keyboard?
Did you try this: https://windowsreport.com/fix-bluetooth-...indows-10/

No, unfortunatly it doesn't. The keyboard service the device offers is not accessible in Windows with the standard drivers it loads.
I just got one and I can't even get it to work with my android phone. It pairs but it just doesn't do anything.

It's very disappointing. Nobody sells Airturns or any other page turner here in Argentina. I tried to order one from Thomann and they said they couldn't send it because the carrier wouldn't let them include items with rechargeable batteries (!!!). So I ordered the Blue Turn. Big, big mistake. It's a nice, expensive (50% duty charge), useless box. Sorry for the rant. I'm glad you could make it work.

Can you please verify you went through these steps?:

1) Load MobileSheetsPro, tap the three dots at the top right and then Settings.
2) Tap Touch & Pedal Settings and then Pedal Actions
3) Tap the "Keys" field for Pedal 1.
4) Tap the "Clear" button on the dialog.
5) Press a pedal switch. If a key shows up, the pedal is communicating properly with your device and will work with MobileSheetsPro. If it does not, the pedal is not communicating properly with your device.
6) If a key shows up, tap OK, then select the action you want that pedal to trigger from the dropdown pedal the keys field. Repeat these steps for pedal 2.

If the pedal isn't communicating properly with your device, you can try re-pairing the pedal in the system bluetooth settings and repeating the steps above.

I just want to make sure the pedal isn't communicating with your device at all.

Hello Mike. First, I want to tell you I'm using MobileSheets a lot on Windows, but just for practice. It's incredible and I'm finding useful features all the time.

Second, I had tried what you suggested before. I tried it once again and it didn't work. I let the phone forget it, then re-paired, a few times, but it didn't work either. Nothing happens in any app, not just MobileSheets, of course. Then I tried with my daughter's phone and it worked (she didn't have MobileSheets but navigating the phone with the BlueTurn buttons worked). So, the BlueTurn for some reason doesn't work with my Redmi cell phone. And it doesn't work with Windows so I can't use it at all. It's a total bummer.

Again, I understand this isn't MobileSheet's fault at all.

All the best,

GOOD NEWS! After updating the phone's firmware I was able to connect the BlueTurn to it. Now I need to figure out Rerun's procedure... and maybe buy MobileSheets for Android (I already have the Windows version). This is encouraging.
That's great news! I'm glad that was all it took to get it working.
Now I've tried Rerun's method and it works. Although I appreciate the ingenuity, it's rather convoluted and prone to disasters. The app on the android device has to be always open, the libraries have to be synced, etc. So... I'll see if I can get rid of this Blue thing and get a a proper page turner. I'd be embarrassed if I were the developer of the BlueTurn if it didn't work on Windows This should be very simple.


You may also check out my experiences with the IRig device here: https://zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/forum...p?tid=6389
Thanks, Klaus. I wish I had read some more before going for the BlueTurn. The BlueBoard is probably the only device available here that would work with Mobilesheets (or any other pdf viewer). And it's much cheaper price than what I paid for the BlueTurn. Oh, well...

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