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tablet fix
My Samsung 12.2 Galaxy tablet has quit, it needs a new battery &i t also gets stuck in a 'boot loop' so I'm going to need to use my new HP stream 14 laptop in the interim. Are there additional procedures I should follow to use the tablet's MS data file? I used a micro SD card to hold the MS program and the data files, including the back-up, so I can access it by inserting it into the HP SD slot, and pointing the new Win 10 MS to it's location. I cannot dismount the tablet SD card, so I'll have to remove it before getting it to a repair tech., I have MS on a new HP laptop (Win 10) with an older back-up. Can I insert the SD from the tablet into the laptop and update the library by naming its location?
Has anyone had a similar tablet failure? & was a new battery a good fix? 
I have yet to successfully use the laptop with my Korg PA600, my first attempt did not recognize the midi link via the usb cable, and I did not get the blue-tooth pedal to work either.
Should I install a midi control program onto the laptop? I did not do so with the tablet, but I do recall putting the midi cd from Korg into my laptop to use the MS companion on my earlier Win 7 laptop.

I'm hoping I can locate a good repair tech for the Samsung here in Sarasota FL, while I'm here for the winter.
Try googling "samsung 12.2 stuck in boot loop"

It's probably important to ensure that the tablet has some charge - assuming not totally dead i.e. plug it in for 30 mins (assuming this doesn't cause it to boot loop)

SOLVED: Stuck on "Samsung" logo - Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 - iFixit  may help; if not try the other posts

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
If the SD card contains a copy of the database file (mobilesheets.db), then you could point your library to that location and copy the database file into the Windows 10 application data directory, but just changing the storage location is probably not the best option. If the backup you have on the SD card is up-to-date, I would strongly advise just restoring that backup file into the Windows 10 version. This will also copy over your settings files which would be lost otherwise. You can't just point the Windows 10 version at the SD card and use the library off there because it won't have write access to that location unless you go through the "Set MobileSheets Storage Location" dialog. If you want to do that, make sure you clear the library entirely first under Settings->Other Settings->Clear Library, then set the storage location to the SD card, then copy mobilesheets.db from the SD card to C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Packages\41730Zubersoft.MobileSheets_ys1c8ct2g6ypr\LocalState and then restart MobileSheets. Then hopefully you should be in good shape.

As far as your Korg PA600, if you can't get MobileSheets to communicate with it and you have the latest drivers, the next step would be to put something between the keyboard and MobileSheets such as this: https://www.roland.com/us/products/um-one_mk2/

I bought one of those and it lets me use my keyboard (which is not MIDI class compliant) without needing any special drivers. I can connect it to the Google MIDI library on Android as well which I could never do before. 


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