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Minor issues in version 3.0.0
Hello Mike

First of all, thank you so much for all the great improvements in your last release, especially the new annotations mode.I have been waiting for it from the beginning. The result is fantastic.

I only want to indicate some minor issues, not very important, but it could be interesting to be solved in a future update, if you could. This issues were detected with version 3.0.0 but still persists in 3.0.1

I have taken some capture videos so you can see more easily what I am saying (sorry for my bad english). They are available in my Google Drive storage:


  • 1. The number indicating the opacity level it is not updating correctly (see video "1 - number in opacity.mp4)

  • 2. The modal window with the arrows to move the element hides that element when it is at the bottom. Perhaps this window should be shown in another position in that situation, and not always just below the element. (See video "2 - arrows hiding element.mp4"

  • 3. When creating or updating some text element, what we are writing or editing is not visible if the element was at the bottom of the window (See "3 - texts not visible.mp4")

  • 4. If I change to panning mode with a two finger stroke and I was inserting stamps, very frequently the magnifying glass keeps visible, when it not should. (See "4 - magnifying glass while panning.mp4")

  • 5. The magnifying glass is very useful, but if I try to set a stamp near one border of the tablet, it can alternate continuosly its direction with minimal horizontal finger movement, what can be confusing. I think that if we try to put a stamp "near" the left (for example) border, then it should use and maintain the orientation where the circle is on the right. Although we made little adjustments in the position, the orientation should not change. It seems that, right now, when we change the direction with the finger, the direction of the magnifying glass is reconsidered, and if it fits with the circle to the left, it will use it, but as soon whe move then finger slightly to the left again, will flip the circle to the right.  (See "5 - magnifying glass oscilating.mp4")

  • 6. In the panning mode, If I do a long press, the bottom menu appears (menu to use when we are reading the song, not editing it). The only way I find to hide it, is exit the editing mode. But when I do that, the title of the song shows black. (See "6 - bottom menu while editing.mp4")

  • 7. I find difficult to move in the page with then panning mode. In some ocassions, each time I raise the finger and try to drag again, it begins from the beginning. In the example (7 - difficulty when panning.mp4) I'm swiping the finger from up to bottom, raise the finger and repeat. I  have found that the problem arises when then pan mode is selected before I activate annotations mode. If I select another tools and then change to panning mode, it seems to work ok (See "7 - Difficulty with panning (2).mp4")

  • 8. There is another issue that I cannot reproduce while recording the screen: If I have copied some element to the clipboard (and even with nothing copied), and then I change to the panning mode with the two finger stroke, the first attempt to scroll the screen makes the "Paste" modal window to appear. I can even wait some time from the moment the panning mode is activated, as soon I touch the screen to swipe the finger, the "Paste" message appears. I have to touch out of the "Paste" window, and try again with then swipe movement.
    (Recording makes me difficult to change to the panning mode with the two finger stroke, I have to make several tries and that makes the problem to not arise)

  • 9. In version prior to the last one (2.9.6, I think) sometimes the annotations didn't appear in night mode, but alternating in normal and night mode, or returning to list of songs and entering again in the song (never saw a clear rule), in the end I always managed to get it. But in version 3 I cannot, it seems that the annotations are hidden in night mode. Or at least I don't know how to show them. (See "9 - Annotations and night mode.mp4")

  • 10. I have detected a situation where new stamps seemed invisible, and the reason was that the color was set to white, although I didn't select that color at any moment. In the video I have recorded you can see that the tool indicates that the color should be Black, but however is using White. Also, the color used and the icon of the stamp (with a certain color) are not in sync. I have to select another color to force MSP to really change the color and use black.
    Before noticing that problem I was not doing any annotation, I think I was visualizing some song and probably I tried to change to the night mode (and returned to the normal mode because the annotations didn't appear, as I reported before)  (See "10 - Stamps and colors.mp4")


Note: these issues have been commented in thread "MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released" (page 5).

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