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Can an import preserve directory structure?
I wish to import a bunch of scores that are organized in a directory hierarchy.  Ideally, I would like to preserve that directory hierarchy in MobileSheets, but unless I'm missing something, that's just not functionality that MobileSheets provides.  If I understand correctly, the MobileSheets view of the world is one where all imported 'Songs' are stored in a single, flat namespace.  Those Songs can have multiple attributes (Composer, Genre, Key, etc.), where those attributes are stored in a separate database, but there is no notion of hierarchy.

Using the Batch import, and assigning the first path of my source file path to, say 'Composer', allows me to preserve one level of hierarchy.  If, for example, I have a directory called 'Tarrega Guitar Transcriptions', batch import will allow me to see all the contents of that directory in MobileSheets under the (pseudo) composer named 'Tarrega Guitar Transcriptions'.  Buts that's not what I really want.  I have file paths like '/Guitar/Tarrega/Transcriptions/'  (and, in many cases, my hierarchy is much deeper than this, but hopefully you get the idea).  

Am I missing something? Or is this something I'll just have to give up on?
You can read about this in other posts:


I'm sure there are more, but you can get the idea from those. It was a design decision I made because I believe it's much faster to access things if you don't have to go through multiple levels of hierarchy to find them. Also, songs are containers for files - a song can be linked to files in multiple different locations if the user wants to. This means I can't easily have a mode where you view things based on a file/folder structure, because it's possible for songs to be displayed multiple times under different folders, and if it's all file-based, it kind of eliminates the point of the library organization features and metadata. I may still look into this in the future for users that are managing their own files and folders, as there may be times they prefer to still use folder hierarchies. With Android 11, Google is enforcing new restrictions on what files/folders applications can access, and it will become closer in nature to Windows 10 UWP and iOS. I'm going to see if I can get MobileSheetsPro approved as a file manager application, in which case they may allow me to continue having access to folders outside of the application data directory, but if they reject my request, it may be impossible for users to manage their own files/folders unless they copy everything to the application data directory before importing.

I realize that this causes issues for users who have already organized all their files with specific directory structures. I don't have a good answer for that at this time - you will have to rely on the organization and searching features in the app. By filtering on multiple categories, you can basically accomplish the same goal, although depending on what you are trying to do, that can be slower than navigating folders. 

Well, I have my files organized in a directory structure, too. 

My experience is that the "flat" library doesn't hinder my workflow since my other organisation in MSP with collections, albums etc. and the search functions more than make up for it.

But one thought: Would it be possible if you open a PDF from the file system with MSP as viewer that MSP reads the path and recognizes if it's already in the library so it doesn't import it but just opens the PDF
as if from within MSP?

Could be a compromise.

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