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Duplicate file names
I play with several bands that play some of the same music. What i would like to be able to do is have each bands music in a different collection. The keys and arrangements of the  songs vary between the bands.
  When i try to import i get a warning that the song name already exists. Is there a way to import into a collection or some other way to keep the different bands music separated.
I use "forScore" on an iPad that is able to separate music from different bands. Just hoping there is a way to do this with MobileSheets.
Bit of a deal killer if it can't be done and i cant believe that i am unique in this.
I responded to your email, but I will also respond here:

If you want to have two separate libraries, you can go to Settings->Library Settings->Switch Library, and then set up one library per band. Each library is a separate database file, and all data will be independent between them. Currently, the app uses the same storage location for all libraries, so if you import the same file into multiple libraries, you may see a warning about a duplicate file existing in the storage location, but you can just tap "Use Existing File" if you do see that. I am going to add an option in the future to isolate the storage for each library for users that want to keep all of the files separate for each one versus sharing the files between multiple libraries. Let me know if this meets your needs.

I don't have an option to "Use Existing File". There is an option to " Use Original File".
Selecting that keeps the existing wife but does not import the new file that has the same name but is in a different key and has a different arrangement.
Where is the option "Use Existing File".
I really need to be able to have songs with the same name but in different keys and different arrangements.
I had hoped having separate libraries or collections would allow me to do that.
Isolating the storage for each library would solve this for me. Do you have any idea when this can be implemented.
Sorry, I meant "Use Original File". If you have identical file names in different keys and you don't want to rename them, then that's going to be a little bit of a problem if you want to use the default application settings. What you can do instead is go to Settings->Storage and uncheck "Let MobileSheets Manage my Files". Then you can organize your files and folders however you want, and there will be no conflicts between the libraries at all. Operating this way is perfectly fine, although it can make it a little more complicated to use certain features like the library sync functionality, especially if you plan to mix Android and Windows 10. 

As far as the timing for the option to isolate storage between libraries, I'm trying to finish the iOS version of MobileSheets as a lot of users are waiting for that and requesting it frequently. I can work on the storage isolation option after that is released, but it's going to be a bit. If you don't mind turning off the option to have MobileSheets manage your files, then you should be totally fine to use multiple libraries and set up your folders/files as you need. 


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