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Re-Import as CSVFile without duplicating
I reposted this here in support, originally posted in the csvfiles section and deleted.

I used one of the csvfiles here and modified it for my use.  One of the modifications is multiple collections.  I have multiple versions of a fakebook, V1, V2, V3 and I have both the 5th and 6th editions so I want to be able to load all the 5th editions or 6ths, or just the bass versions.  (I assume the latest of each version is the 6th edition for my convenience) Each one is added to the collections list.

When I import the csvfile file a second time after modifying it for additional collections, or fixing my bad spelling, I wind up with 2 songs , in other words it doesn't overwrite the song it duplicates it. 

So I have been selecting that base collection ie fakebook and deleting it from the library itself, and then importing it again.  This has not been a problem in the past because I did not make any annotations to these songs yet, only added a few to my setlists for practice.

But I have now added these songs to more setlists, one in particular is the "Jazz Standards New York Ninety" which some claim to be the basic jazz songs to know.  That list is now empty because somewhere along the way I deleted and reimported the two fakebooks which contained these songs.  I did add a setlists column and editing the 90 that way, but down the road I will run into the same issue again.

If I change a csv to edit things other than the title, how do I avoid duplicating songs when importing the csvfile a second time, and get it to over write songs like when you import single pdfs a second time where it over writes usually because I cleaned up the pdf.   This is to avoid the song entry in the setlist from being lost.

I do know how to swap the actual pdf without loosing the song.  In effect how to swap the csvfile list is another way to look at it.

Unfortunately, there isn't currently an option to update existing songs when reimporting a csv file. You'd need to edit the songs already in the library to adjust the page order, change metadata or swap in a new version of the file, or you can delete and recreate. I do want to provide a mechanism to update existing songs by reimporting through CSV, so I'll definitely add that to the list of things to do.

Thanks for considering it Mike.

Now that the dust has settled I will do it song by song if need be and keep up to date on the csvfile.

I will hold off editing, notating, etc on future fakebooks until the dust settles.


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