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MS lost the pages to my csv files!! SOLVED!!!

I have two pdf books with csv files that I have inported several years ago and been using since.

Always worked great, but today for some reason,
MS has lost the pages of the books and just displays every song from the 1st page of the book.
IOW, in the files tab, these songs are now displayed as being all the pages of the book (1 - last page #),
instead of the one or two pages that are the actual pages of the song.

Actually, not every single page, there are still a very small number of songs that have conserved their correct page number.

These books are like 500 pages each and the songs are spread throughout many setlists.
It is going to be a mess trying to re-enter everything, not counting the enormous amount of time it would take.

Has anyone seen this before and does anyone have a fix other than to re-import?

I did take out the MicroSD card that the files are on and made a fair amount of changes to some of the folders,
adding MP3s and re-arranging a folder called "pro" that holds chordpro files.
However, I did not touch the folder that holds the books where there are only four files,
the two pdf books and their corresponding csv files.

Hello Dan,

Please check something for me - go to Settings->Other Settings and see if "Reset Page Order if File Changed" is checked. If so, uncheck that, as it's going to interfere with the page orders used in your songs. Next, go to Settings->Backup and Restore->Restore Automatic Database Backup, and see if there is a backup from a day or two ago that you can restore. That will reset the database to that point in time so that you can recover the state of the library from before the songs were modified. The next update is changing the logic to keep additional database backups to help in data recovery scenarios like this one.

Thanks for the reply, Mike!

And yes, that setting was checked, so I unchecked it and will leave it unchecked from now on.
Then, a bacup restored to a few days ago also restored the book page numbers.
I am very happy!!

I keep forgetting that MS does automatic bacups in addition to the ones initiated by the user.
Hopefully, it will have sinked in, now.

Thanks again,

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