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Button with "toggle" mode
I sometimes use buttons to start audio files (playbacks) with certain songs. It would be nice to have visual feedback when the button is pressed, eg. playback is running. The button could then return to default-style when the button is pressed again.
This would require constantly keeping the button in sync with the playback state of the audio player, and if there are multiple buttons across the song all playing back audio at different positions, this would be incredibly confusing as they would all display as active. If I only showed a "pressed' state with one button, when would I clear that state? There are too many potential situations where it could be incorrect if it's just not always showing the playing or stopped state, but then it's not useful in some situations, as I described. I think if you just enable the option to show the audio playback time at the top right, you'll know that playback is running as the time will be increasing.

I would like a toggle for starting/stopping scrolling - I typically use about 120 seconds and as the time approaches, I'm always wondering if I remembered to start the scrolling.
It doesn't have to be a button, just some visual indication that scrolling has been initiated.
Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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