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Set name of Tablet for Synchronization
since years I used two different tablets with MS and synced them frequently. No I have two absolutely identical tablets. Of course I named them differently in the Android settings. But it seems, this ist not the name, MS uses when synchronizing?
When I synchronize I create a server on the first tablet, but the second does not see it. I guess, they have the same name, because: I can use the direct connection via IP, and in this moment it shows me, that the name is "samsung gts8uwifi". It looks to me as a default name of the tablet. It is definitely not the name, I set in the settings.
So, any ideas where to find the name, which is used by MS when synchronizing?

Thank you,
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro SM-T900 | MobileSheets Pro 1.7.3
The name is currently hard coded to be android.os.Build.BRAND + " " + android.os.Build.DEVICE when synchronizing. Those values are populated by the tablet manufacturer. When using a bluetooth device, I believe it should use the bluetooth name assigned in the settings (I'd have to verify this though).

I have updated the code to use the user assigned name starting with version 3.7.6. So this should get you what you want.

Hi Mike,

thank you very mich for the modification - the Synch uses the user assigned name now. But: the both devices still do not see them. This is no serious problem to me, because I can use the direct connection. But if you are interested, we have a look at it.
Actually I have 4 tablets here: the old pair was a SM-P900 (let's call it "old Server") and a SM-T900 ("old Client"). I synchronized them over serveal years the client could "see" the server by it's name.
Now I have two "Tab S8" ("new Server" and "new Client"). When starting the synchronization, "new Client" does not show the "new Server". But synchronizing with direct connction (=IP adress) works fine.

I tried around a little bit: the "old client" can see the "new server", and the "new client" also can see the "old server". So there ist only a problem between the two Tab S8.

If you have other priorities, it is absolutely ok! Wink
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro SM-T900 | MobileSheets Pro 1.7.3
That's most likely an issue with your network setup - the router may be blocking broadcast messages. You'd have to configure the router not to block those kinds of messages. I'm going to be switching to using DNSSD in the near future which will get around these kinds of issues, but for now, you have to ensure the broadcast messages are not blocked.


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