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Configuration for bands
(08-22-2023, 10:21 PM)Alexh Wrote: Hello,

I've been advised to use MobileSheets to digitize our sheet music and do what I'm describing below.
I don't see how the application can allow us as a music group to each have our own scores, but to share the same setlist.
Let me explain: I want to create a setlist with ~50 songs that I want to share with my band members, so that we all have the same songs. I've managed to do this. However, the score is identical on each share.
I'd like each member to have the same setlist, but each with their own score on their tablet (vocals, piano, guitar, drums, etc.).
Is this possible? If so, how do I go about it?

Another question that could help me enormously if what I'm asking above is possible: is it also possible, with the application, for me to choose to play track "A", and with the tablets synchronized live, for everyone to have their own score displayed for this track "A"?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Have a nice day.

I am handling a similar problem, in that I need to share setlists between 2 devices with different versions of the music - in my case for a 10" tablet and for a 7" tablet.  I have a strict naming protocol for each song, but I have 2 pdf versions - a 7 inch one and a 10 inch one - both files have the same filename.  I put the 7" version in a folder on google drive named pdf7 and the 10" version in a folder on google drive named pdf10.  This makes it easy for me to import that appropriate version to the right tablet.  If I create my setlist on one device and export it to the google drive, the other device can import it and create the same setlist using it's own versions of the document.

I don't use the sync feature as it does not allow me to sync metadata such as artist, collection etc without trying to sync the actual pdf file.  That means when I import a song, I need to create metadata individually on each tablet.  However, I've found this to be a workable solution.

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