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resizing and enlarging part of a page permanenently
I have numerous pages from old fake books, where occasionally 2 different songs are on one page.   But each individual song -- on the original page - is somewhat small.

So I am wondering what might be the simplest way to delete the part of the page I do not need, and then permanently resize or enlarge the remaining part of the page.

I know that I can crop the page so as to eliminate the part that I do not want to see.  I understand that such a change is permanent.  And then, when I view the modified page, I can increase the size by hand on the tablet.  But increasing the size that way is not permanent (I believe)

I also understand that I can use the snippet tool to copy part of a page, and then create a new page.  But I think the result is the same: i.e., a new, smaller page, which must be enlarged each time it is opened.

So is there a simple way of resizing a page (after cropping) and making the change permanent?

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resizing and enlarging part of a page permanenently - by Wynton - 09-06-2023, 05:14 AM

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