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[ Solved] Unstable operation CME Widi Master and Android 13 (Samsung TAB S7)
Hello folks,
I'm new to the forum, my 1st post today!

I'm a keyboarder in a rock & pop band and have my sheet music for years on tablets, but with another software package.
During the last days I migrated easily (thanks to import and export functions for chordpro and pdf files) to MobileSheets - that's a really good tool!

Inspired from the ability to send midi data with selection of a new song, I entered a few values for my Stage 4 keyboard.
Connected per USB everything was stable and fine.

I have a second board, it's a Roland AX-Synth. Connection via USB works fine as well, but only one board at the same time.
So I bought a (first) CME Widi Master.

I got it working and everything worked fine during our practicing session last evening.
Today tried one more time - no reaction on the Stage 4.

I searched the forum and found no solution so fare.

Original set-up:
- WIDI Master set to connect to PC only
- WIDI Master renamed (in the WIDI app) to "ST" (I planned for a second WIDI Master named "AX")
- WIDI Master "ST" is listed in the Samsungs bluetooth menu, pairing works as usual. (Without paring no connection to the WIDI app).
- MS Midi set to "Google" and input / output channels are connected
- MS shows two pop-up's after start of the app "midi device ST was connected" and a bit later ".......... to ST(0)" 

That worked yesterday.

This morning I connected the WIDI Master to my Roland keyboard.
No reaction when selecting a new song on MS, no data echoed in the editors midi menu "MIDI-Befehle empfangen" 
A defect? No connection per USB works as desired.

So back to the Stage 4 and connect WIDI Master again.
No reaction, except data is shown in the editors "Receive MIDI signals" menu. There I can see note on and off etc.

Now the second WIDI Master arrived. Renamed to "AX" and same procedure as with the "ST".
What shall I say? Works fine!

Switched off the Roland AX, went to rehearsal room, switched on the Nord Stage - worked, then the AX-Synth - worked - wow!
- -
In the afternoon I wanted to give it another try. Started MS, switched on the boards - no reaction when I select a new song.

What have I tried?
- All trials with the "ST" called WIDI Master only, "AX" stays off.
- Deleted from pairing to TAB S7
- Reboot Tab S7 several times
- WIDI Master reset to factory settings
- Sometimes the WIDI App doesn't find it's own devices
- Tried MS with and without paring (BT midi problems with Android 13 have been mentioned in this forum)
- Tried MS with and without "google" library. Sometimes I get MS receiving data in the editors menu when I select the "predefined" library.

My question:
Did someone of you get a stable working WIDI Master with Android 13?
What settings used on WIDI Master and MS?

Kind regards,

P.S. A keyboard to keyboard connection with WIDI Master worked perfect. It's a pity, I cannot set the Stage 4 to echo midi data received over USB on the DIN connector.

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