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Covering Multiple Instruments in the Same Group - Piece Organization Ideas?
Somewhat familiar with MobileSheets, but I'm probably not effectively organizing my library as well as I could.

After building a library for one instrument (Eb Tuba), due to part coverage, I've volunteered to temporarily swap to Bb Tuba when needed in one of the groups I play in.  The repertoire would be the same, and I have about 400 pieces already implemented and organized in collections for the single instrument. As I'd be doubling up a lot of the pieces if I were to import them in as normal, is there an easy way to manage two databases so I'm not getting crossed up?

As it stands, I have collections for multiple series/books, standalone pieces, manuscripts all for the Eb, so if I start to build out the Bb repertoire, would it be best to add everything I already have to a massive Eb Collection, and then filter down from there?  Or is there a way to separate roles, kind of like a set of profiles that I could swap back and forth?  I still play in other groups on Eb, so I'm not really able to just archive the Eb Database and pull it down when needed.

Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on how they would manage this.  As it stands I've been playing off of copies of music like some peasant for the last few weeks, and I've grown accustomed to a certain standard of quality. Big Grin


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