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Using an HDMI projector to temporarily display chordpro lyrics
In light of the fact that the MSP does not currently consider the task of displaying only the lyrics over HDMI to be a high priority, I have devised a workaround that should suffice for the time being. Even though this method isn't perfect—you still can't conceal the chords and comments on the projector without also concealing them on your laptop—I find it enough. After buying an iPad preloaded with OnSong and realizing how tedious the migration is, I came to this realization. I like MSP, therefore I'm going to disregard it for the time being.

Chromebook users:

1. Use the HDMI cable to mirror your screen.
2. Access the "Text Display Settings" under a song and adjust the "Lyric Size" and "Chorus Size" to your preference; I have mine set to 60.
3. Minimize surrounding items (my chord size is 25).
4. Make a 40% reduction to the opacity in Chord Color. The chords will be less distracting because of this.
5. Under "APPLY TO...", choose "All files in library" or another appropriate option. Reverse this process after you are done projecting and wish to return to the original size.
Learn how to utilize the "New Page" directive {np} to make the screen clearer by separating portions. (I utilise this to demarcate Verse 1 from the title and my remarks)
6. Pressing Ctrl + (maximize key - square icon with two triangles inside) will force the HDMI output to transition from MSP to the desktop. You can deactivate your desktop image so it's black or anything you wish. This will mimic blanking off the projector screen. To bring MSP back, press it again. One negative aspect is that the taskbar can still be seen on the desktop.
7. Put a # before a line to comment it out and make it invisible in the chordpro file.

If you're looking for a way to sing in a small group without requiring a professional result, I hope this is helpful!

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